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Revival For America is a ministry of Kingdom Church in St. Louis, MO.

Kingdom Church was started on August 25th, 2018 in the Gate Neighborhood of St. Louis, MO; just a couple minuets outside of downtown. The vision of Kingdom Church is simple - to connect people to God's presence. 

In 2019 Kingdom Church hosted their very first conference - the Holy Spirit Conference. It was quickly recognizable that this conference was something that God's hand was on in a special way. The ministry times were filled with a refreshing outpouring of God's tangible presence, numerous physical healings, fresh baptisms in the Spirit, and sovereign impartations. This conference has continued to grow in attendance and impact annually. Now, Kingdom Church has taken this conference into other cities through Revival For America. 

Additionally, Kingdom Church began hosting Equip Weekends in 2018. These weekends were a set aside time for deeper theological and biblical training around the various charisms of the Holy Spirit. The ministry times were marked by teachings, demonstrations, and activations. People began to grow in confidence that God can use them in very normal yet supernatural ways. Kingdom Church has launched the Equip Conference through Revival For America to provide theological and practical training for believers and churches who want to grow in spiritual gifts.


Revival For America is not a para-church ministry. All of our ministry teams are the same ministry teams that lead and serve in the context of our local church. We love the local church, believe in the local church, and want to see local churches everywhere strengthened. 

Our hope is to work cross-denominationally with local churches in a region to provide an opportunity for all believers to receive power from God. We accomplish this through hosting Holy Spirit Conferences and Equip Conferences. We know you are hungry for God and that Holy Spirit is already doing something in your midst. Our heart is to lend our strength to yours and fan the flame of the Spirit among you. 



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